2019 Essay Contest Winner Isaiah Sanchez2019 Essay Contest Winner Isaiah Sanchez 1

CONGRATULATIONS to Our 2019 Essay Contest Scholarship WINNER Isaiah Sanchez! At our regular meeting on June 6, 2019, we were delighted to receive our two finalists Kailey McNamee from Cabrillo High School and Isaiah Sanchez from Lompoc High School. Both graduates are enrolled in Allen Hancock College and read their essays for our members and […]

2018 Essay Contest Winner Cassi Colangelo2018 Essay Contest Winner Cassi Colangelo 3

CONGRATULATIONS to Our 2018 Essay Contest Scholarship WINNER CASSI COLANGELO! At our regular meeting on June 7th, we were pleased to receive our finalist for our essay contest and notify her that she won our scholarship prize. Cassi Colangelo was introduced to our Noble Grand Joe Avila, Jr., by Warden Joseph Dowdy (who organized the […]

$1,000 Essay Contest$1,000 Essay Contest 5

$1,000 Odd Fellows Annual Scholarship Essay Contest In at least 300 words, tell us… What Would You Do if You Were an Odd Fellow? Of course there are rules to our essay contest and we want you to read all of them so that you can know how to enter. You should first know that […]