According to the Lompoc Journal dated February 19, 1910, the “Grand Old Man of Lompoc” passed away that morning.

Why was he the "Grand Old Man" and who was he?

Founded Colony of Lompoc in the Year 1874

Lompoc Record founder/editor, 1875-1900

Lompoc Odd Fellows Lodge and "San Lorenzo" Lodge (in Santa Cruz) co-founder

"New Age" (Publication of the California IOOF) Founder

Originator of Purissima Hills Oil

Lompoc's First Attorney and Notary public

Lompoc's First Justice of the Peace

It is not often that a man dies and the news of his death is published by the only other newspaper in town that competes with the news paper he founded ON THE DAY HE DIED.

We are only left with a few pictures of W.W. Broughton but his legacy is all around us in Lompoc. What kind of man was he? Perhaps his euology offered by his friend can help us get a glimpse:

"His presence was like sunshine; his greeting was a kindly one and you felt that your presence was welcome.

"He was happy in a life of useful activity. The history of Lompoc is in a large measure a history of Mr. Broughton’s activities.

"His nature was so unselfish, his generosity so great, that being helpful to others might truly be said to be a part of his daily work."

Below are images from the featured article of the Lompoc Journal dated Saturday, February 19, 1910. He died in the early morning hours on the same day.